Prepared Radio Set No 1



Prepared Radio Set No 1 is an interactive music system housed inside a carefully modified vintage radio set. It is intended for playful interaction in a gallery setting. The aim of the piece is to engage the user in a ‘holistic mode of cognition’ where rather than focus on the detail of how their action affects it, they will be caught up with the simple pleasure of twiddling its knobs and dials, exploring the air waves. While tuned to a radio station it samples the live signal, analyses it and adds each percussive sound it hears to an expanding database that is visualised behind it. When it is de-tuned and between stations it starts making simple algorthimic music from what it has heard. It was initally exhibited at the FIX07 festival at Belfast’s Catalyst Arts Centre in 2007 and again in 2012 at my solo show ‘Sounds Like Home’ in Belfast’s PS2 gallery.

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