Journey Through A Burning Brain



Journey through a burning brain is an interactive audiovisual music system disguised as an aged television set intended for thoughtful interaction thorough a remote control. It acts as a demented retro themed browser for audiovisual content, cutting up the videos into transient slices and entering their details into a database. The slices are recalled in real time to form new patterns based on their spectral characteristics. The joy of working with a large database of materials is that while you can specify what sort of sound you want for a certain role in a rhythm, you are leaving a large part to chance which leads to interesting surprises. I call this approach ‘meta-scoring’. The piece is really about the irrelevance of content in a media saturated world, in this sense it is quite nihilistic at its heart. It was initially exhibited at the at the Two Thousand + NINE Symposium on user generated content at SARC, using YouTube videos as source material. It was then revised and updated to use TV shows as its content for my ‘Sounds Like Home‘ show at Belfast’s PS2 gallery in 2012.

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